Having a rose garden is very beneficial for the mind and spirit


Having a rose garden is very beneficial for the mind and spirit


Since I was a kid my parents had a big garden in the backyard of our house and they would spend a lot of time trimming, planting and collecting fruits and nuts. Since then I developed a personal affection for plants especially for roses.

Trandafir urcator (catarator) : SOLEIL VERTICAL : Producator Delbard : Franta

When I moved out to live on my own I created medium sized garden with all sorts of roses and flowers.


Among my favorites are the fragrant climbing roses that I bought from FamousRoses.eu, a specialized online shop that sells roses.


If you are looking for rose bushes for sale, FamousRoses.eu are the perfect place where to look. Their shop has an extensive range of roses that were breed in France by famous rose breeders such as Delbard and Meilland Richardier.


Plants are very useful for humans because they produce the necessary quantity of oxygen and most of the plants have a lot of curative properties.


For example, some breed of roses that are being sold on FamousRoses.eu make a wonderful cup of tea. Rose de Rescht and Rosa Damascena Trigintipetala are good example of rose breed that can be used to make jam, syrup, tea or essential oils.


It is a well known fact that Marie Antoinette was an avid user of rose related products such as perfume, sweets and make-up.


Humans and roses have always had a special relationship, inspiring one another, growing and writing history together. Having a rose garden is the best therapy you will ever need. The relaxing perfume released by the beautiful rose plant will make all your worries fade away.


I recommend to any rose breeder and gardening enthusiast all the products that are being sold on FamousRoses.eu, because the quality is really high and the prices very acceptable.



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